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Version: 0.6.12

Getting started with Starwhale Server

Start Starwhale Server​

swcli server start

If you encounter an error when pulling the image, you can specify the image address on using the -i parameter, similar to the following command:

swcli server start -i

For detailed information, see the installation guide.

Create your first project​

Login to the server​

Open your browser and enter your server's URL in the address bar. Login with your username(starwhale) and password(abcd1234).


Create a new project​

Build the dataset, model, and runtime on your local machine​

Follow step 1 to step 4 in Getting started with Starwhale Standalone to create:

  • a Starwhale model named helloworld
  • a Starwhale dataset named mnist64
  • a Starwhale runtime named helloworld

Copy the dataset, the model, and the runtime to the server​

swcli instance login --username starwhale --password abcd1234 --alias server
# swcli instance login --username <your username> --password <your password> --alias server <Your Server URL>

swcli model copy helloworld server/project/demo
swcli dataset copy mnist64 server/project/demo
swcli runtime copy helloworld server/project/demo

Use the Web UI to run an evaluation​

Navigate to the "demo" project in your browser and create a new one.


Congratulations! You have completed the Starwhale Server Getting Started Guide.