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Version: 0.6.12

Launch Starwhale Server with the "swcli server start" command


If you are unsure whether your dependencies meet the requirements, you can use the swcli check command to check, and the normal output should be as follows:

❯ swcli check
✅ Docker 24.0.7
✅ Docker Compose 2.21.0
✅ Conda 22.9.0

Launch Starwhale Server​

swcli server start

After executing the command, it will pull the Starwhale Server Docker image consistent with the swcli version and start the Starwhale Server related container services. Finally, it will open the browser page, where you can log in to the Starwhale Server with the default username starwhale and password abcd1234.

When the server is successfully started, you will see a prompt similar to the following:

❯ swcli server start
🛸 render compose yaml file: /home/tianwei/.starwhale/.server/docker-compose.yaml
🏓 start Starwhale Server by docker compose
Container starwhale_local-db-1 Created
Container starwhale_local-server-1 Recreate
Container starwhale_local-server-1 Recreated
Container starwhale_local-db-1 Starting
Container starwhale_local-db-1 Started
Container starwhale_local-db-1 Waiting
Container starwhale_local-db-1 Healthy
Container starwhale_local-server-1 Starting
Container starwhale_local-server-1 Started
Starwhale Server is running in the background.
🍎 stop: swcli server stop
🍌 check status: swcli server status
🍉 more compose command: docker compose -f /home/tianwei/.starwhale/.server/docker-compose.yaml sub-command
đŸĨ• visit web:

If there are any issues during the startup process, you can use the docker compose -f ~/.starwhale/.server/docker-compose.yaml logs command to view the logs, or you can check the service status through the swcli server status command.

Stop Starwhale Server​

swcli server stop

After executing the command, it will stop the previously launched Starwhale Server service.